School services

Discover Sports provide in-school services delivered by our team of coaches. Meeting the school needs is important to us at Discover sports, so therefore we can work together to design the PE programme what will suit the schools needs. Our coaches will deliver the school Physical Education of the school aiming to strive for high quality learning, development and sessions to be fun and engaging.  We provide Physical Education and extracurricular activities - breakfast, lunch time and after school clubs. This means Pupils have sporting opportunities to meet the recommended government guidelines for their age group.

Precision Shot

What Discover Sport provide

Consistency – our coaches will work closely working with the school’s ethos and use the same rules the individual schools have in place.

Dependable – No matter what weather is we will always provide a member of our coaching team.

Support – We want to enhance teachers learning in sport and will work alongside the class teachers/TA’s to help develop their knowledge and delivery skills in Physical Education

Variety – Our coaches will provide a variety of skills and activities to help the learners stay engaged and develop in new situations.

Educational – All session will help meet the national curriculum for Physical Education which means all lessons are educational to help develop the pupils.

Fun – Our sessions are designed to be educational but always ensuring the children have fun to ensure a healthy active lifestyle for life.

Sports we provide:

  • Football

  • Dance

  • Hockey

  • Tag rugby

  • Basketball

  • Multi Skills

  • Table Tennis

  • Netball

  • Cricket

  • Tennis

  • Rounders  

  • Badminton

  • Ultimate frisbee

  • Athletics

Pile of Tennis Balls

Any queries do not hesitate to get in touch, contact us for more information on 07577051266 or email us at