Sports Coaching in Care Homes

Discover sports believes everyone should  have access to sporting oppertunities. 

At discover sports we believe everyone should have the equal opportunities to play/ be involved with sport. We feel that it is important to offer sports to care homes as sports can bring a wide range of health benefits and a range of social benefits. These two factors are crucial for all and by providing sport in care homes we feel it is an excellent way to fulfil the benefits. At discover sports we are passionate to deliver fun and attentive sessions with care and a friendly face wanting all to discover sports or rediscover sports, so we feel it’s extremely important for our mission to help increase participation in the elderly. So why play sports at an elderly age or in care homes. 

Health benefits of sport for the elderly.


Muscle and Bone Health

As you grow older, physical activity becomes increasingly important for the health of bones, muscles and joints. So by doing a range of sports or even little things such as walking can be a big help in improving the muscle and bone health.So, it’s always important to have strong bones but especially when you get older to avoid the risk of fracture and falling.



Sports can decrease the risk of colon cancer by as much as 300 percent, according to the British Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology. It can also significantly decrease the risk of breast cancer and decrease the risk of endometrial and lung cancer.

Cardiorespiratory Health

Sports can help people of all ages maintain and improve the health of their heart, lungs and blood vessels. Physical activity can significantly reduce the risk of coronary disease and stroke. According to the British Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology, approximately 40 percent of deaths related to coronary heart disease are related to inadequate physical activity, obesity, stress and raised blood pressure. Sports can help with all of these physical issues, decreasing the risk of coronary disease by about 50 percent.

To improve the blood circulation

Furthermore, by doing some sports, your oxygen will circulate well in your blood vessels.

Sports will also train the heart to work more efficiently which will allow a better circulation of the blood and oxygen to other organs and especially your brain. 

A good circulation and blood flow is one of the great health benefits of sports. It will remain you active with more energy.  

Positive feeling:

Sport can help reduce stress, anxiety and can aid the mind into a positive feel. This means sports can increase self-esteem by feeling proud of the achievements/taking part. By playing sport it can increase the positive endorphins which are natural mood lifters. 

Social interactions:

 Sport can be a great way to socialise and encourage one another to succeed which can help create a positive environment. In residential homes this is important to help people talk and have a bit of healthy competition. They can also relate to sports they played and help bring back happy memories of the past.

Hand eye coordination: 

With lots of our sports we provide can help improve the hand eye coordination which can help increase reaction times and increase productivity which can help in everyday life. 


Sports we provide:

  • Boccia (sit down bowls)

  • Dance (mobility movements to music) 

  • Skittles

  • Table tennis 

  • Basketball (adapted)

  • Netball (adapted)

  • Bean bag golf

  • Walking football

  • Armchair aerobics

  • Flexibility exercise 

  • Balance exercises

  • Sitting exercises


By providing all these sports can be a great way to keep the elderly engaged and active. over 65 are encouraged to do 75-150 minutes of active sports a week. So we find it important to always encourage sport for all. We aim to succeed in helping everyone reach their everday active guildines. All sports can be done inside or outside weather/space depending.


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