Meet Franklin the Hippota-Sport

Meet franklin, our very own Hippopota-SPORT!

He is on a journey far and wide to help the young children discover a sport they can love and take part in. Which then can lead the next generation into a healthy active lifestyle. Not only Franklin is on a journey for the younger generation, he is also targeting all ages and in particularly the elderly which can help RE- discover their sporting passion. 

Our Hippota-SPORT wants to change life’s to make sporting habits of a lifetime!

See below - Franklin has been using his friendly sports participation powers, spreading the love for sport.

"We believe all children can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can be actively involved with sport throughout their whole lives."

Our Vision

  • To provide sporting opportunities to children

  • Offer all sessions to be fun and educational

  • To link sports clubs with the sporting communities to raise sporting participation levels

  • Creating equality in sport by ensuring everyone has the same chances.

  • Target Young children to help them gain interests in sport to help create lifelong participation in sport.

Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

Celebrate with sports and discover fun


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'To actively engage young people in sports through fun, involvement and learning, to form habits that last a lifetime.'

- A. O'Sullivan